Garden tips for September

The nights are drawing in and while the soil will now be nicely warmed, your garden needs to prepare for winter.

Gardening tips for September

  • Now is the time to clear annual bedding plants and refresh your soil with compost. You are then ready to plant Primula’s, Polyanthus, Winter Pansies and Wallflowers (bare root and potted.
  • Now is the best time to work on your lawn after the wear and tear of the summer.
    • Scarify out dead grass and aerate – Lawn Rake Offer – Save £2.00 – now only £7.99
    • Fill in holes and level out by brushing in Lawn Dressing/Soil into the grass sward.
    • Put down a fertiliser either an Autumn Food or Growmore
    • Put down fresh seed into the existing sward. Every year a percentage of grass dies off, so the new feed will help to fill in over winter and then give you a good sward to feed in the spring. Water seed well in until it germinates.
  • Now is the time to plant indoor hyacinths you want to come into flower for Christmas. The hyacinths must be prepared, which is done by the grower, to trick the bulb into thinking that winter has been. The later you plant them, the more the preparing wears off, so they should be planted by the end of September. Plant in bowls or pots in bulb fibre and place the bowl in a cold dark place. If it is not cold enough they will not produce flowers properly. Take out 3 – 4 weeks before you want them to flower.
  • Now is the time to start making up your Winter Hanging Baskets. This will enable your plants to make the use of the remaining daylight hours and get well established. We recommend using separate Hanging Baskets for Summer and Winter as this will enable you to start your Winter Hanging Baskets while the Summer Hanging Baskets are still looking glorious and then during March and April next year you can start your Summer Hanging Baskets so that they will be well established by May when they will need to replace the Winter Hanging Baskets.

Need more help and advice our team at the garden centre are always happy to help with any questions.

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