April 2013

With the days getting lighter earlier it's time to get the garden in shape. Below our are top 5 gardening tips for April.

Gardening tips for April

  1. FEED, FEED, FEED – Now the soil is warming up, trees, shrubs and perennials are starting to grow, so we need to boost them with granular fertiliser around the roots. It can be Organic or Inorganic but needs to have a good level of nitrogen to aid leaf production. Just a handful around the base lightly packed in and watered, should be fine. Remember to use Ericaceous food for Rhododendron’s, Camellia’s etc.
  2. After your daffodils have flowered water or foliage feed every week as this is when they take food down to the bulb for next years flowers. This means at the end of the month you can cut, mow or strim down the foliage, which is a lot neater than letting it die down.
  3. Check over your water system to see if there is any frost damage from the winter. Also flush through hose pipes to check for leaks and flush out insects and dirt that hide in the pipes and then block up your sprayers.
  4. Sow runner beans indoors in rootrainers or hollow tubed pots to allow tap root developments. Sowing indoors avoids mouse damage and bad germination due to cold soil.
  5. Clean patio and paths of algae and moss from the winter. Either use a pressure washer or a path and patio cleaner, most of which now just needs to be watered on, such as Brintons Patio Magic or Vitax Easy Clean – no scrubbing required.

Need more help and advice our team at the garden centre are always happy to help with any questions.

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