Rabbit and deer resistant plants

In general, deer tend not to eat thorny, poisonous or plants that taste bad. They are very agile animals and fences need to be at least 2m high. Fencing your garden with thorny plants can be a deterrent. Unfortunately Roses cannot be used, as Deer will eat these. Deer are also deterred by dogs, hanging up aluminium foil, mirrors and things that make a noise, like wind-chimes.

For a list of Shrubs, trees, perennials & bulbs download our Rabbit & deer resistant plants leaflet here

Plants Relatively Resistant to Rabbits

Rabbits can graze Perennial plants down to ground level and nibble the young shoots of deciduous shrubs up to a height of 50cm. They can also chew at the bark around the base of trees, which can kill the plant if it is gnawed all the way round.

There are no rabbit proof plants but there are some which rabbits generally avoid. These include very aromatic plants, ones with prickles and spines and those with tough, leathery leaves.

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Click to download our Rabbit & deer resistant plants leaflet

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