You'd expect us to be eco-friendly...

And of course we are, in a big way! Trees, plants and flowers are nature's filters for processing carbon dioxide, so we really are doing our bit for the planet by growing vast numbers of them here at Henry Street Garden Centre.

But it doesn't stop there. On-site here (and at home) we all try to keep everything we do as green as possible. For example, we:

  • Water all our plants with recycled rainwater
  • Make all green waste into compost
  • Recycle all paper, card and plastic

How green is your home and office?

Did you know that indoor plants also help the environment? They make the air cleaner - and because they're friendly and good to look at, as a bonus, they make you feel happier!

How green is your garden?

Your own lawn, plants, flowers and trees all help to soak up carbon dioxide, but you can easily improve your green credentials by composting and using rainwater. And you'll also save money!

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